why now. why new.

You need much higher levels of innovation and agility to deal with the pressure and potential disruptions coming from IoT and digitalization, sustainability and E-commerce. And you’ve got 12 to 24 months. Says McKinsey in their ‘Winning with new models in packaging report.’

why sprint.
why digital.

You can become like those scale-ups.
Fast. Agile. Making short runs work with digital versatility. In a straightforward digital workflow for corrugated printing. Because your current set-ups are too costly for those jobs.

why corrugated.
why online shopping scale-ups.

There is a massive amount of smaller, scaled up online shopping players with corrugated boxing needs emerging. The new long tail of packaging for online shopping. Interesting market, but your current production methods are too costly, the runs too long.

What does IDERA stand for?


  • Digital single pass post print
  • Coated & uncoated boards - white & brown
  • Xeikon on-site ramp-up support


  • Scalable investment model
  • Modular print width up to 1.6m x 2.8m / 63"x110"
  • Flexibility on in-line primer & varnish
  • Wide range of productivity & print quality modes
  • Integration thrid party peripheral equipment


  • Water based food compliant
  • Flint Group proprietary IDERA AT inks
  • Competitive cost

why IDERA. why us.

IDERA combines decades of Xeikon digital transformation expertise with Flint Group's corrugated know-how and manufacturing footprint. We control every IDERA aspect, which helps you control your running cost. A clear choice for industrial, food-safe, regulatory compliant, water-based post-print inkjet printing.

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